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Rivew WAP Access via Server: UCBrowser V8.1.0.216 BlackBerry pf159 (en-us)

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Version: UCBrowser V8.1.0.216 BlackBerry pf159 (en-us) release (Build12101518) Copyright Number 2011SR006674 Notice The copyright of this software is protected by the Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China, the Judicial Interpretations by Supreme People's Court of the People's Republic of China and the International Covenants. The copyright of this software belongs to UCWeb Inc. in accordance with these laws, judicial interpretations and international covenants mentioned above. Any unauthorized copying, spreading, decompiling or reverse engineering whole or part of this software, will be treated as an infringement to UCWeb Inc., which may result in a severe civil or even criminal prosecution. Any discovered pirates will be sanctioned by UCWeb Inc., according to these laws, judicial interpretations and international covenants mentioned above. * What's New|Shortcuts|Preferences|Contact Us ↓ What's New Smaller Installation Package Even smaller size package makes the installation process faster with full functions and better experience. Share Images and Links on Facebook The function to share images and links on Facebook is added. Easier to share. UC Associated Program You can use the newly-added UC associated program to open the links in SMS, MMS, WAP push and built-in browser, for more convenience. Webpage Embedded Keyboard It enables you to input text in webpage directly and simplify the steps. Font Size Settings The function to adjust the font size is added. There used to be only three choices: Big, Medium and Small. But now you can set any size you like. New Shortcuts New shortcuts are added so that you can operate even faster.

Default Shortcuts All Phones


[1]Context Menu

[2]Page Up

[3]Switch Tab

[4]Page Up


[6]Page Up


[8]Page Down




QWERTY Keyboard Only








[Alt+N]New Tab

[Alt+T]Open in Background

[Alt+S]Save Page

[Alt+O]Open Saved Pages

[Space]Page Down

[Del]Close Current Tab

[U]Page Up

[H]Page Up


[K]Page Up

[N] Page Down

Tips 1. Double press [#], if you want a larger screen view.

2. It's a good habit to press [1] or [#],


if you want to activate some popular functions quickly. 3. You can use the space key to page down. 4. Try to remember the shortcuts you used frequently, it's really helpful. ↓ Preferences Page Segment:To set the max size of a page divided to display. Image Quality:To set the definition of a image to display. Scrollbar Width:To set the width of scrollbar. You need to restart browser to take effect. Full Screen:To hide the title bar and menu bar to obtain best scope. The menu bar may be retained in touchscreen device. Zoom View:To display webpages in original layout, just like on PC. You can zoom in or zoom out. Content Folding:To fold similar contents together to shorten page, you may press the "+" to unfold. User Agent:To show the site which browser you are using. Some sites may prevent some specific UA. Block Size:To set the max section size when downloading a large file. Keep-Alive:To improve the connection efficiency for Sony Ericsson phones to avoid disconnection. WAP Access via Server:To visit any website via UC Server to have a better render effect and less data usage, though some sites may restrict that. AutoFill:When you are inputing URL, word prediction will show up. It will read from your history and bookmarks. ↑

14 Jan 2016